Neck Lift (Cervicoplasty) procedure anchorage

Cervicoplasty, or a neck lift, is often performed at the same time as a facelift but can be performed as an isolated procedure as well. It is essentially a facelift for the neck. Just as there are many variations of facelifts, there are also multiple methods of performing a neck lift. Just as with facelifts, Dr. Szutz typically recommends a more aggressive neck lift. He believes that it provides a more natural appearing, longer-lasting result than a more minimal neck lift therefore, making the slightly longer recovery time worthwhile.

When Dr. Szutz performs a neck lift not only does he elevate the skin and remove excessive fat he also elevates the platysma. The platysma, or neck muscle, is continuous with the facial SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system). If platysma banding is present he will perform a platysmaplasty, basically removing a portion of the mid-line platysma and suturing the two edges together.

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If a neck lift is performed as an isolated procedure, a small incision is placed below the chin, a second incision is placed around the earlobes, behind the ears and down the hairline. If a neck lift is performed with a facelift, the only additional incision to the facelift incisions, is below the chin. The sutures below the chin are removed in 5 days and the sutures behind the ears dissolve.

After surgery your neck will feel tight for several weeks.Bruising and swelling will last for several weeks therefore for you will need about 2 weeks before you will want to return to work. Recovery is generally smooth and complications are rare.